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Early today, while Donald Trump’s indictment adventure was going on in faraway United States of America, Nigerian Twitter was illuminating with the contention encompassing Davido’s COZA video.

Evidently, a video had surfaced in which the star artist was having a special discussion with a young lady and her mom who were promoting an up and coming COZA program.

Since the video discovered its way to the web-based social networking space, numerous individuals have scrutinized the Afro-pop star for partner himself (deliberately or something else) with the congregation following the discussions its lead minister, Biodun Fatoyinbo has been swimming in for some time now.

As the main open cross examiner and agent that I have delegated myself, I put a call through to Davido.

Here’s the manner by which our extremely short discussion went.

[phone rings]

DAVIDO: Yo, I’ll get back to you.

ME: Erm…I…

[line goes dead] [phone rings again]

DAVIDO: Thought I disclosed to you I’m with Chioma in the kitchen yo. Stop bugg…

ME: But you don’t have the foggiest idea who I am.

DAVIDO: Who are you?

ME: I’m Segun Odej… .

DAVIDO: My chief has revealed to you individuals. On the off chance that you can’t pay 20 million for the show…

ME: I’m not calling a result of a show.

DAVIDO: Then why are you calling?

ME: I needed to get some information about that COZA video.

DAVIDO: Yes, I’m the one in the video.

ME: I know, what I needed to ask was did you realize it was for COZA?

DAVIDO: Yeah man.

ME: So for what reason did you do it?

DAVIDO: Why did I do it? Is there any valid reason why i won’t do it?

ME: Aren’t you mindful of the discussion around Biodun Fatoyinbo?

DAVIDO: Yes, and?

ME: regardless you did it?

DAVIDO: obviously I did that sh*t yo!

ME: Bhet for what reason is what I’m inquiring.

DAVIDO: So when they give me cash, I would it be a good idea for me to pour it in the stream?

ME: Oh, you were paid for it?

DAVIDO: ‘course mehn.

ME: Why at that point did you discharge an announcement as though you didn’t think about what COZA utilized the video for?

DAVIDO: That’s simply some PR sh*t brother. Everything is sweet in the center.

ME: Wow!

DAVIDO: It is the thing that it is man. [Chioma’s voice calling from afar]

CHIOMA: Is that our dodo consuming?

DAVIDO: Oh f*ck that sh*t!!!

[line goes dead]
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