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Senior pastor David Ibiyeomi, the top leader of Salvation Ministries, in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, has said there is no Coronavirus in Nigeria.

He said jungle fever murders more individuals, yet nobody shut the fringe on account of intestinal sickness.

He referenced DAAR Communications originator, Raymond Dokpesi who said he was given Malaria drugs when he was being treated for COVID-19 out of a confinement place.

Minister Ibiyeomi included that the infection is only a road for our pioneers to take.

Talking from the podium, he stated: “I told the individuals, what is Coronavirus? Coronavirus is just an infection that is Corona.”

He included: “Individuals are making commotion about Coronavirus. To me, it’s garbage. Jungle fever, did we make clamor about intestinal sickness?

“Intestinal sickness murders a greater number of individuals in Nigeria than Coronavirus. Ordinary individuals kick the bucket of intestinal sickness. So what are we discussing Coronavirus, shutting outskirt all over for what?

“Nigeria doesn’t have it. I don’t think Nigeria has it.

“Since, you’ve heard Dokpesi, he said that they state he had it, it’s intestinal sickness tablet they gave him. Things being what they are, if it’s Coronavirus, for what reason will they give him jungle fever tablet?

“Nigeria, they’re utilizing it to eat cash, eat cash. Governors eat cash, enterprises eat cash, they lie, they’ll take cash from government help. Government, they’ll take cash from aid…”

He additionally guaranteed that the Nigerian government is purposefully overstating the quantity of individuals who have the malady.

“In Nigeria, the individuals who have it, I don’t think they are up to the number they’re calling. The number they’re calling, I don’t believe it’s the number. At the point when one individual has high temperature, fever, they’ll state ‘it’s Corona, isolate him’.”

Watch video below and listen to the rest of what he says.



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“Nigeria does not have Coronavirus. It’s just a way of stealing money” Pastor David Ibiyeomi says

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