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team member who claims to have been a witness to the passing of video vixen, Cherish Divine, popularly known as Kodak, has described how she passed onwhereas demanding Clarence Peters was not at the scene. The team member known as Melvn gave his portrayal of the occasion after Clarence Peters was called in for questioning over Kodak’s passing at his house.

Melvn said music executive, Clarence Peters was not present when Kodak passed on, a claim Clarence’s lover of 14 years also made . He moreover claimed that the occurrence happened in a studio, and not in Clarence’s house.

Recounting the occasions that driven to her passing, Melvn started his portrayal by caution against the utilize of phones with a metal body. Melvn said Kodak was charging her phone which features a metal cover and she was moreover attempting to utilize a metal attachment whereas her body was sweat-soaked with no shoes. He included that, all of a sudden, they heard a blast which got them curious.

“We looked back to see what happened and saw a start on LD’s phone lying on her chest, we rushed to her to see that she had been electrocuted,” the Melvin said.

“We carried her to some place more secureattempted to restore her, she was reacting with gasps, her colleague was calling her name, I went out to call for  assistanceat that point Clearance was notified. “After first aid, we carried her in a car and went to clinic within the estate, they wouldn’t indeed open gate. “We moved to another clinicat long lastspecialist came and checked her and said she was dead….”

Read the rest of his narration in the screenshots underneath.



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