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Popular Nigerian award-winning producer, Olumide Ogunade, aka ID Cabasa, has described how he once felt like a disappointment because of his financial struggles.

In his latest Instagram live session with rapper, Bouqui, as detailed by The Punch, the producer, said  that at a time, felt like a failure since he was broke and couldn’t pay his leaseAgreeing to him, he was trying to find how to pay his lease but gave out the money to two individuals for their kid’s school fees.

Then a certain fellow came and asked for help but he (cabasa) couldn’t offer assistance and the fellow through his Facebook page called him a wicked person for not giving him money.

Cabasa said he prayed for the man to see hardships he was confronting but and later called him to see how his family was enduring by living within the studio. Knowing that God has his back, Cabasa said he was able to bounce back.

“There was a time I was looking  for house rent yet I gave cash to two people for their kids’ school fees. At that point, a certain fellow came to me asking for transport fair and I told him that I would  help him get the cash from other people in church. I begun assking around but that day, I seem not get cash for the fellow. I was so stunned when the following day, the guy composed an epistle about me on Facebook, saying I was a bad  person, with all the cash that I had. I cried. “What I told God that day begun changing a parcel of things for me. people ought to learn from this. There are times you do things out of indiscretion and you unknowingly destroy yourself.

rememberd that I went back home and  that God prayed should give that guy the full details of what I was going through. What I implied at that time was that God should  make him go through what I was going through.

“Two days afterward, I was going through the scripture and studied the portion where instantly Job finished praying  for his friend, God reestablished him. So, I prayed for the guy. But, after praying for him, it was still on my mind. I had to call him and tell him what I was going through. I brought him to the studio and showed him all my luggage, saying me and my family had been living here for a while. He felt bad, apologized and left.

“My pains was the springboard for me to be well establish. I learnt a lot during that time. It was like my own lockdown. At that time, I thought I was a failure. With everything I knew and the profundity I had, I (still) felt I was a failure. I thank God I learned the lessons and was able to bounce back.”

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