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On Saturday, in South Africa,  couple,s were  arrested for violenting the rules of the govrnment. And currently the country seems to be one of the African countries that has been really hit hardest by this Coronavirus pandemic.

As at the time this report was made,  there was already 1,585 confirmed cases and 9 deaths.

And as such,  strict measures have been put in place to curb the spread of the virus.

As a result of this, a  21-day strict lockdown has been declared across the country.

Inclusively, all Social gatherings have also been banned. Gatherings with more than 100 people will no longer be allowed, while celebrations that were planned for Human Rights Day on March 21 and other days of national importance have been cancelled

According to information, the couple were having a nice time at their wedding ceremony when the  police personnel invaded their marriage ceremony and they were arrested.

And few  photos were shared by South African radio presenter Catchvibe Moatshe via his Twitter page. Though we are yet to get the full  details as to where precisely this took place.


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