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The Enugu State Government on Friday morning, affirmed a 9-year-old as the unused case of Coronavirus within the state. According to the State’s commissioner for wellbeing Hon. Obi Emmanuel Ikechukwu, the 9-year-old may be a contact of the fourth case detailed within the state, who had a “positive” travel history.

This brings the overall number of affirmed cases within the state to 9, and the whole number of dynamic cases to 7. The articulation peruses in full; There is another recently affirmed positive case of COVID-19 in Enugu State.

This case could be a nine year ancient child contact of the fourth case detailed in Enugu who had positive travel history. Thus the overall number of cases ever detailed in Enugu presently rises to Nine (9) with seven (7) dynamic cases.

The persistent has been conceded into one of our Separation and Treatment Centres, encourage contacts are being distinguished and line recorded, and vital tests will be taken for testing.

Also purification of the patients domestic has been expeditiously carried out. People of Enugu State are reminded to remain at domestic, and as it were go out when completely necessary. Further when going out, you’re emphatically prompted to wear an fitting cloth confront veildodge touching the front of the veil, and to continuously expel the veil from both ears at once, wash and press on the off chance that conceivable once you get home. Continue to hone physical/social separating of at slightest 2m (or 6ft) separated from each other.

Practice appropriate respiratory cleanliness (hack or wheeze into your elbow, utilize tissue in the event that you must and dispose of promptly into a secure and secure bin). Wash your hands as frequently as conceivable with cleanser and running water for at slightest 20 seconds (or the length of time it takes you to sing the upbeat birthday melody twice) or utilize an liquor based hand sanitizer when there’s no office to permit you to wash your hands.

Finally sanitize surfaces all circular you as frequently as conceivable with a 1in6 blend of bleach and water. If you think you’re sick with COVID 19 side effects or know somebody with COVID 19 side effectsdon’t delay to call the numbers 08182555550 or 09022333833 or the NCDC number 080097000010.

If I do these, I protect you, if you are doing these you secure me! Stay Safe! Signed Obi Emmanuel Ikechukwu Hon. Commissioner for Wellbeing, Enugu State.

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