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Top comedian Sydney Talker aka Towel guy has publicly shared his Coronavirus test result hours after a Twitter campaign with #SydneyWeyYourResult gained momentum.


Week a ago,  Sydney had called out the Nigeria Center for Disease (NCDC) who he accused of refusing to test him after he showed mild symptoms of the disease.


The IG comedian who tested negative for the virus, was accused of hiding his test result by people who believe he lied about the symptoms he claimed he had. He was also accused of making the NCDC waste its test kit which is barely up to 100,000, hence the #SydneyWeyYourResult.


However, a UK-based Doctor who called out the comedian, tweeted;

Backing up  the UK-based Doctor’s tweets ignited, Sydney publicly shared his test which confirmed that he tested negative for Coronavirus.


Sydney however dispelled claims of seeking public attention with his allegation against the NCDC.

He wrote;


My Test Results just got in from Lagos State Ministry of Health and thankfully it is NEGATIVE.

To those who felt this was a PRANK or CLOUT CHASING, I have just one question ” Why would I chase clout at the expense of my life ? ”

To everyone who prayed for me in my weakest moment and for quick recovery, I pray that on the day you are in distress may you also find help and recieve prayers IJN Amen

I love you all & I promise I will be back and better soonest

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