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Lately, the Co Founder of Mavin Don Jazzy , seems not to be getting married anytime soon, way back in 2006 when Don Jazzy and ice prince dropped ” Omo U Don Make fall in Love” featuring Genevieve , all eyes was that Don Jazzy will finally marry that year with Genevieve , after some months of dating , it was reported on social media that Don Jazzy Denied ever being in a relationship with Genevieve , which turned out to be rumour.

However, years  are counting and the Don  is ageing, still  No sign of Getting married.

Meanwhile, last year Don Jazzy was invited by his mom to Delta State , on getting there his Mom find him a beautiful lady to settle down with , shockingly “Don Jazzy banned ever to going to his home town Delta State  ever again due to this.

What is really going on, does it mean Don Jazzy Belong to any Confraternity that he cannot Get married and have children of his own or does it mean is manhood his no longer performing well?

We need your contributions fans……What do you think the problem might be?

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